Hi warsmiths! We hope everyone is having a fun, yet productive summer! We've made awesome progress since our last update. While most of it is content related to levels and story, we've done our best to share progress without giving too much away. We hope you enjoy!

Dev Update

⌨️ Programming | Percy

In addition to fixing bugs, I (Percy) been fine-tuning the turret functionality and monster AI to fix edge cases that cause odd behaviors. I have also been implementing many of the cool art assets that Enchae has been working on like the new HUD, quest items, and key location art. Our new programmer volunteer Phibian has been a huge help too. He as been implementing turret and trap upgrades. These have been coming along nicely and we're excited about the amount of customization that these allow.

🕹️ Level Design | Peter + 📝 Writing | Mladen

Peter and Mladen have been tag teaming the levels, with Mladen designing the narrative and writing the dialogues for each level, and Peter painting the tilemaps and designing battles for each level — and designing puzzles, and setting up cutscenes, and balancing battles, and... you get the point! Not much we can show without spoiling anything, but here's an old map sketch for one of the levels you might find kind of cool!

🎨 Art | Enchae

Enchae has been doing all sorts of art from quest items to environmental art. We thought it'd be fun to share two of the cooler items that Enchae has worked on: the new HUD and some key location art!


We updated the HUD! The health bar and dash bar in the bottom right have been in for some time now, but we recently added a new turret bar in the bottom left, a new bag in the bottom center, and a quest scroll in the top right. Please let us know what you think!

Key Location

Enchae has also been working on artwork for the many key locations in the game. We don't want to give away too much, but figured showing a preview of one of these key locations would not hurt! Of course, once it is in-game it will have dynamic lights and shadows to further enhance this beautiful architectural scene.

🎵 Audio | Mordi

After Peter finishes initial versions of the levels, Mordi comes in and adds dynamic music to them. Mordi put together a live mix of the music for one of the levels. We thought it would be fun to show you the Unity tools he built for the dynamic music so you can get a better idea of how it works. Check it out!

Our friends from Happyland were also kind enough to make this cool paper Dwerve! You can download (right click -> Save image as...) and print and fold it into a cute figurine. Check it out!

Thanks for reading, warsmiths! Hope you enjoyed the update!