Hi, Warsmiths! We have fantastic news to share!

šŸ’Ž Dwerve Made The PAX 10!

Dwerve has been selected for The PAX 10, an Indie Showcase at PAX West. Each year a group of 50 industry experts select the ten best indie games in regard to gameplay and overall fun-factor, and invite the teams to showcase their games at Pax West!

If you want to attend PAX West and hang out with us in person, you can purchase badges here. Due to Covid-19, they have implemented safety guidelines and policies to help provide a safe experience. PAX West takes place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle on Labor Day Weekend, Friday, September 3 through Monday, September 6.

šŸ•¹ļø Play Dwerve Prologue on Steam on Sept 3!

Dwerve: Prologue releases on Steam on Friday, September 3, the first day of PAX West! Prologues are important since they help us reach new fans and get feedback from a large number of players. The prologue will feature the same portion of content from previous demos, but with bug fixes, better balancing, design improvements, new HUD art, full controller support (including menus), difficulty options, graphics settings, new dialogues and other improvements. Wishlist Dwerve: Prologue on Steam to get notified on launch.

šŸ“ŗ New PAX West Trailer Coming Soon!

If you can't make it to PAX West, you can still look forward to Dwerve: Prologue and a brand new Dwerve PAX West Trailer both of which premiere on September 3! It will showcase content we have added since the last trailer like backer-designed enemies, the stretch goal enemies, the stretch goal turrets, and a cute little critter. Subscribe to the Half Human Games YouTube Channel to get notified when the new trailer premieres!

šŸ° Castle Siege

Our wonderful composer and sound designer Mordi (Martin Lande) is more than just a really awesome audio guy! He's also a really awesome game designer, programmer, and artist! And he has been working on his very own tower defense strategy game Castle Siege!

  • Castle Siege is an asymmetric 1v1 tower defense/offense multiplayer game set in a fantasy medieval setting. Attack or defend the castle. Level up, and use magical spell cards to gain an advantage.

He is launching the Castle Siege Beta soon, so head over the the Steam Page and Join the Castle Siege Beta so you can help him playtest and improve the game! He also has a Castle Siege Discord for testers to report bugs and discuss feedback. It's also a great way to follow the game's development.

Thanks for reading!