Hello, nice to meet you! We're PJ Legendre and Pete Milko, but you can call us Half Human Games. We're an independent games studio based in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Once upon a time in early 2018... Two code monkey gamers formed a game studio around an idea for dungeon crawler RPG that ditched hack n' slash and turned-based combat for a more tactical approach - tower defense style combat. Dozens of playtest sessions and nine months later, we birthed Dwerve and became two proud dads.

About Dwerve

Dwerve is a singleplayer tower-defense dungeon crawler RPG in which the player assumes the role of a dwarven Warsmith, or war-engineer, named Dwerve. Armed with turrets and traps, you, as our hero Dwerve, adventure into dungeons crawling with dwarf-thirsty fiends to hack 'em to pieces and burn 'em to ash.

Dwerve sheds a strategic light on role-playing games by introducing real-time tactical tower-defense combat to the rich storytelling, exploration, looting, upgrading, and questing of dungeon crawler RPGs you already know and love.

TL;DR: The Legend of Zelda meets Kingdom Rush.

OH! Before you forget...