Hello everyone!

I have compiled a list of my personal top 10 favorite Unity Assets.

It includes tools and libraries that we at Half Human Games use for our current project Dwerve. I picked these assets after asking myself these 5 questions:

  • Does the asset work with a variety of different types of games?
  • Does the developer fix bugs quickly and release frequent updates?
  • Does the asset allow for customization without modifying it's source?
  • Does the asset have thorough and up-to-date documentation?
  • Does the asset work well on recent versions of Unity and common platforms?

Without further ado, here's my list:

1. DOTween Pro

Asset Store Page

Dotween is a fast, efficient, fully type-safe tweening engine for Unity. For programmers, it has elegant fluent interfaces and extension methods to intuitively define robust tweens. For artists and designers,  it offers a easy-to-use visual animation editor, a visual path editor, and a DOTween Animation component. It's great for making juicy UI and in-game effects. It even has a free version!

Tags: Tweens, Animations

2. Odin - Inspector and Serializer

Asset Store Page

Odin is an two-in-one package. The Odin Inspector enhances the current Unity Inspector with elegant and intuitive property drawers. It let's you customize a MonoBehaviour's Inspector with over 200 attributes. The attributes even let you easily and quickly build Custom Editors and Editor Windows without having to write a ton of code.

Odin Serializer takes Unity Serialization to the next level by letting you serialize abstract classes, properties, dictionaries, interfaces and more! And the best part? You can get Odin Serializer for free on GitHub. Note that this does not include Odin Inspector.

Tags: Inspector, Serializer

3. A* Pathfinding Project Pro

Asset Store Page

A* Pathfinding Project Pro is a powerful and easy to use pathfinding system. It's great for 2D and 3D games and supports Grid, Navmesh, Point, and Raycast Graphs. Grid Graphs include Isometric and Hexagonal Grids. Each Grid and it's accompanying components have a multitude of options that let you fine-tune it to your project's needs. Other notable features include saving and loading graph data to reduce loading time, and multithreaded pathfinding for better performance.

Tags: A*, Pathfinding, Navigation

4. Behavior Designer

Asset Store Page

Halo 2 popularized using Behavior Trees to create lifelike AI and a decade later AAA studios still use them. Behavior Designer lets artists and designers create intelligent AI using the Behavior Designer's intuitive visual editor - no coding required! Programmers, however, can easily add custom tasks to extend Behavior Designer with minimal effort. You can create Behavior Trees as assets to reuse them across characters while customizing each one with Behavior Tree Variables.

You can further enhance Behavior Designer with these affordable extensions:

Tags: AI, Behavior Trees

5. Dialogue System for Unity

Asset Store Page

Dialogue System for Unity lets you add interactive dialogues and quests to your games using a visual node-based editor. You can add custom logic to your dialogue and quest flows using visual editor tools or Lua scripting. It even has an extensible sequencer system for easily creating intricate cutscenes.

It has UI templates to jumpstart creating dialogue panel and quest log UIs - or you can build your UIs from scratch! Other notable features include an interaction system and a save system.

Tags: Storytelling, Dialogues, Quests

6. Master Audio: AAA Sound

Asset Store Page

Master Audio is a robust audio management system that lets designers masterfully wire-up sound effects and music without writing any code! At the same time it's scripting API lets programmers take control. Notable features include audio occlusion, randomized weighted sound variations, play-mode editing, and an abundance of configuration options.

Tags: Audio, Sound, Music

7. Fungus

Asset Store Page

Fungus is a storytelling tool for creating visual novels, interactive fiction, point and click adventure games, hidden object games or any game with interactive dialogues with animation. Artists and designers can do so without writing a single line of code. On the other hand, programmers can take advantage of it's build in Lua scripting system.

Tags: Storytelling,  Visual Novels, Interactive Fiction

8. Inventory Pro

Asset Store Page

Inventory Pro is a flexible and easy to use inventory system that can be used for a variety of game types. It supports multiple inventories, an advanced currency system, support for controller and mobile inputs, crafting, equipment, item stats, banks, and all of the other inventory features you find in RPGs, MMOs, Sandbox, and Simulation games.

Tags: Inventory, Equipment, Crafting

9. Rewired

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Rewired is an advanced input system that supports a vast spectrum of platforms and devices, even leveraging native libraries to access devices directly so you can take advantage of device capabilities like gamepad vibration. For multiplayer games it intelligently assigns players on connect/disconnect so you don't need to manage controllers yourself. It includes a powerful controller mapping system with intuitively named inputs so your players can create, and save/load their own mappings. Using the Input Editor makes configuration fast and easy.

Tags: Input, Controls, Gamepads

10. Easy Save

Asset Store Page

Tags: Saving, Persistence

Easy Save makes it easy to add saving and loading to your games. You can encrypt and even obfuscate save data to deter players from modifying data. You can save and load save data from the web so players can access their save data anywhere, even across platforms! It includes a File Editor that you can use to view and modify save files. You can even export to Spreadsheet and Excel!

That's all!

Thanks for reading my post. I hope I introduced you to a new asset that can help you with your projects! What are your top 10 favorite Unity Assets and why? Please share so I and other developers can check them out!

PS - Check out my game Dwerve and if it looks cool to you, sign up for Alpha Access!